10 Best Dashboard Cleaner| that Magically Cleans Car Interior

If you are a car owner, you may be concerned about your car cleaning. A car needs proper cleaning not only outside also inside. Your car’s interior looks dirty and sticky when you neglect the cleaning of your dashboard. You have to clean your car dashboard at least once a week. You choose some excellent cleaners specially made for car cleaning purposes for cleaning. Ordinary cleaners are not suitable for your car material and also they can’t work well. Dashboard cleaner gives your car interior a new look without any hustle. Here we share the best dashboard cleaner to choose for your vehicle.

Buying Guide for Best Dashboard Cleaner:

Before buying a dashboard cleaner, you may look for some useful features that can help you to choose the best dashboard cleaner. Following are some guidelines that will give you an idea about selecting a good one. You should look for:

  • Effective cleaning: Cleaners must be adequate to clean any dirt, oil, dust, and grime on the dashboard. Less effective products make cleaning difficult.
  • Dust resistant: choose a cleaner that has anti-static ingredients. It will keep your dashboard clean for a long time because of its dust resistance compounds.
  • Safe components: Select a cleaner that is efficient and safe for your skin and car interior.
  • Multipurpose: A good cleaner is helping you to clean the dashboard, seats, steering wheel, and other insight surfaces. It will save you extra money with its multipurpose qualities.
  • Sun protection: Many cleaners come to save your dashboard UV rays because it is a significant cause of damage and fading of your dashboard.

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1. Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer

Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer
Image Source: amazon.com

About Product:

This product is very good for cleaning your dashboard and other car interiors. It gives a bright look to your care dashboard.

Meguiar’s brand makes this product. They are best for detailing products. This cleaner comes in liquid form that is very easy to use for anyone. You have to shake it before use, spray it on the surfaces, and rub it with a clean cloth.

It is safe for dashboards, steering wheel, stereo, door panels, and LCDs. This cleaner gives a long-lasting, shiny look to your car dashboard. The cleanser contains UV protection ingredients that protect the car surface from UV rays and help avoid cracking and restore color.

This is a multipurpose product that cleans and protects your car’s interior.


  • Easy to use
  • Multipurpose
  • Sun protection
  • Glossy finish

2. Armor All Ultra Shine Protectant

Armor All Ultra Shine Protectant
Image Source: amazon.com

About Product:

This product must be your first choice because it is multipurpose and cheap for the best cleaner for car dashboard. It provides multiple benefits include cleaning, protection from UV rays, protects damaging and fading of colors, and giving extra shine to your car dashboard.

You can use it on rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces. Cleaner gives a new life to your car surfaces without a non-greasy look. ArmorAll efficiently cleans dirt, grease, and dust from the car dashboard. If you want a powerful cleaner with multiple features at a lower price, you can choose ArmorAll cleaner.


  • Fading, aging, and damaging protection
  • UV protection
  • Ultimate shine
  • Non-greasy ingredients

3. Sonax Dashboard Cleaner, WHITE

Sonax Dashboard Cleaner
Image Source: amazon.com

About Product:

SONEX dashboard cleaner is a reliable product for cleaning dashboards. This product cleans, protects, and maintains the life of car insight materials. This cleaner has made the dashboard like new for a long time.

The Sonex cleaner has silicone and solvent-free compounds that are good for plastic surfaces such as dashboard, door lining, rubber, vinyl, panels, and other inside parts of the car. But you can’t use it on leather, glass, and hot surface.

It is easy to use to restore car dashboard life with a matte finish look. It is also a dust resistance formula that protects the car interior from extra dirt. You can feel a pleasant smell while cleaning your car.


  • Protects and maintain
  • Easy to use
  • Dust resistance formula
  • Matte finish

4. Nextzett Cockpit Premium Interior and Dashboard Cleaner

Nextzett Cockpit Premium Interior and Dashboard Cleaner
Image Source: amazon.com

About Product:

Nextzett is a Germany-made dashboard cleaner. You can use it on multiple surfaces. This cleaner efficiently cleans dirt and dust from plastic and gives it a bright new look. Its dust resistance quality provides a long-lasting matte finish look.

Nextzett cleaner effectively uses steering wheel, dashboard, stereo and LCD screen, center console, rubber mats, and door panels cleaning without any slippery look.

This cleaner also contains sun protection agents that prevent the car interior from sun damage. This cleaner is also suitable for leather cleaning. It wipes dirt from leather and keeps it clean with a non-greasy effect.


  • Non-greasy look
  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • UV protection
  • Long-lasting effects

5. TriNova Interior Detailer

 TriNova Interior Detailer
Image Source: amazon.com

About Product:

This is the best product for detailing the car’s interior. It can rapidly clean all kinds of dirt, spills, grease, and residue in just one application. You have to spray and wipe the surfaces and see the difference. It makes your car interior spotless in less effort.

Sun rays are very harmful to the dashboard. TriNova cleaner contains sun protection agents that prevent fading and cracking for an extended period.

The best factor of this cleaner is that you can use it on all materials, including plastic, rubber, leather, vinyl, and trim. But it is not suitable for glass. Please keep it away from the glass surface because it leaves a streaked look on the glass.

This cleaner also contains anti-statics that are dust resistant and keep your interior clean for a long time. TriNova has been a trusted brand for many years for the best-detailing products in the US.


  • Wipe off application
  • Safe for multiple surfaces
  • UV protection
  • Dust resistant

6. Chemical Guys SPI_663_16 InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and Protectant

Chemical Guys SPI_663_16 InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and Protectant
Image Source: amazon.com

About Product:

This is also a must-have car dashboard cleaner that provides quick results with easy application. It removes dirt and all types of spills from the dashboard. innerClean interior cleaner cleans all surfaces of the car interior. It also has a conditioner that makes the car’s interior look perfect and tidy.

It’s a multiple-use product. You do not need any other detailer if you buy chemical guys cleaner for your car. Its UV protection ability makes your dashboard protected from sun damage.


  • Have conditioner
  • Multiple uses
  • UV protection
  • Quick results

7. CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer

CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer
Image Source: amazon.com

About Product:

This product gets many positive reviews from customers. Suppose you are looking for the best cleaner at a low price. CAR GUYS super cleaner revive plastic life for months, and you don’t need any other cleaner after using it. This product makes the car interior clean, new, and protected for several months.

It is made with advanced Nano-technology. You will like this product because it does not leave a greasy and chap look after application. It gives a super finish look with a complete dryness feel. CAR GUYS manufacturers provide a money-back guarantee if the product does not suit your needs.


  • Long-lasting protection
  • Advanced formula
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Non-greasy finish


Image Source: amazon.com

About Product:

KEVIANCLEAN cleaner has terrific features for your car cleaning. The product cleans your dashboard, and the conditioner agent makes your car interior flawless with non-glossy effects. Sun rays make the interior crack and fade. The use of this cleaner provides the best protection from UV rays.

The best feature is that it is safe for the environment and is not harmful to you and your pets. You can recycle the bottle. The product is completely made with natural ingredients and is entirely chemical-free. You feel a pleasant lavender fragrance while using.

KEVIANCLEAN INTERIOR DEFENSE cleaner is suitable for the dashboard, vinyl, trim, and other plastic parts of the car interior. It is also a good cleaner and conditioner for leather. If you are not satisfied with the results, the company will refund you.


  • ECO friendly
  • Multipurpose
  • Money-back guaranty
  • Chemical-free


Image Source: amazon.com

About Product:

This is a foaming car dashboard cleaner. You spray a tiny amount of the spray on your car dashboard and wipe it with a cloth and see the magical results of this product. This cleaner makes your car dashboard super clean without any oily look.

You can use it not only the dashboard. You can clean your car windows and screens also with it. This aerosol spray efficiently fulfills your car cleaning needs and keeps it looking stain-free and fresh.


  • Foam Cleaner
  • Easy Use
  • Multipurpose
  • Aerosol

10. Griot’s Garage 11104 Interior Cleaner

Griot's Garage 11104 Interior Cleane
Image Source: amazon.com

About Product:

This cleaner is also suitable for people who have allergies to chemicals because it does not contain any dye or perfumes.

This can clean multiple surfaces, including vinyl, plastic, fabric, and leather. The product is handy for hard stains that are not easy to clean. This cleaner cleans that nasty stains and gives a smooth non-chaps look to your car interior.

As this is a multipurpose cleaner, you can use it to clean the dashboard, mats, seats, headliner, and in your house, to clean fabric and leather objects.


  • Dye- perfume free
  • Non-oily finish
  • Good for hard stains
  • Multiple uses


How to save my car dashboard from sun damage?

Park your car indoor, use a protective cover for the vehicle, apply the sun-protected product.

What are the things that can be useful for car cleaning?

A good cleaner, vacuum, cleaning brush, microfiber cloth, glass cleaner, and Petrock.


Cleaning your car dashboard is essential. A clean interior of a car looks good. Also, it gives you a pleasant feel while driving.

Choosing the best dashboard cleaner for your vehicle is a hustle, you can easily select the best one with the products mentioned above.

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